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Used Golf Carts and American Landmaster UTVs available for sale at Truck'n America's 6 locations in Maryland and Virginia

Are you in the market for a used golf cart or an American Made American Landmaster UTV? Look no further than Truck'n America! With six convenient locations in Maryland and Virginia, Truck'n America offers a wide selection of high-quality used golf carts and American Landmaster UTVs for sale. Whether you're a golf enthusiast looking for a reliable golf cart or an outdoor enthusiast in need of a versatile UTV, Truck'n America has got you covered.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Golf Cart

Cost-effective transportation solution

  • Used golf carts are more affordable compared to new ones
  • Lower insurance and maintenance costs
  • Great value for money

Versatility and convenience

  • Ideal for golf courses, resorts, and retirement communities
  • Can be used for transportation within large properties or campuses
  • Easy to maneuver and park in tight spaces

Environmentally friendly

  • Electric golf carts produce zero emissions
  • Reduce carbon footprint and air pollution
  • Promote sustainability and eco-consciousness

Available Used Golf Carts at Truck’n America

Wide selection

  • Different seating capacities and features available
  • Customization options to suit individual preferences

Thoroughly inspected and serviced

  • All used golf carts undergo a comprehensive inspection
  • Any necessary repairs or maintenance are performed
  • Ensures the reliability and longevity of the vehicle

Competitive pricing and financing options

  • Truck’n America offers competitive prices on all used golf carts
  • Financing options available to make your purchase more affordable
  • Flexible payment plans to suit your budget

Benefits of Purchasing an American Landmaster UTV

Durability and ruggedness

  • Built to withstand tough terrains and weather conditions
  • Reliable performance in off-road adventures
  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance vehicles

Versatility and functionality

  • Can be used for various purposes, including hunting, farming, and recreational activities
  • Ample cargo space for transporting equipment and supplies
  • Can accommodate multiple passengers

Safety features and comfort

  • American Landmaster UTVs are equipped with safety features such as seat belts and roll cages
  • Comfortable seating and ergonomic design for a smooth ride
  • Suspension system for enhanced stability and control

Available American Landmaster UTVs at Truck’n America

Different models and configurations

  • Two-seater and four-seater options available
  • Gasoline and electric models to choose from
  • Additional accessories and attachments for customization

Certified pre-owned and warranty options

  • All American Landmaster UTVs are certified pre-owned
  • Warranty coverage for added peace of mind
  • Expert technicians ensure the quality and reliability of each vehicle

Expert guidance and customer support

  • Truck’n America’s knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right American Landmaster UTV
  • Provide information on features, specifications, and maintenance
  • Excellent customer support throughout the purchasing process


Truck’n America is your go-to destination for used golf carts and American Landmaster UTVs in Maryland and Virginia. With a wide selection, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support, Truck’n America ensures a seamless and satisfying purchasing experience. Whether you’re in need of a reliable golf cart or a versatile UTV, Truck’n America has the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. Visit one of our six locations today and explore the available options!

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