All Truck’n America locations are equipped to tackle any trailer repair you bring to us. Our techs have the experience and know how to get you back onto the road ASAP!

  • Coupler Repairs
  • Jack Repair
  • Tongue Repair
  • Axle Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Frame Repair
  • Light Repair
  • Wire Connector Repair
  • Break Switch Repair
  • Break Battery Replacement
  • Floor/Deck Repair
  • Wall Repair
  • Stoneguard Repair
  • Vent / Window Repair
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Tire Replacement
  • Bearing Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Exterior Repair
  • Door / Gate Repair
  • AND MORE !!!

If for some reason your trailer is beyond repair, we can help you with your insurance claim. We work with all of the major insurance companies and can help you.

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Does your trailer need something a little more to make it work for you? From tie-downs to windows we can help you make your trailer your dream trailer! Stop by one of our locations at tell one of our Trailer Specialist all of your wants and desires and we will do our best to make all of your trailer mod wishes come true!

  • Add Tie-Downs
  • Add Wheel Chocks
  • Add Shelving
  • Add a Winch
  • Add a TV
  • Add Cabinets
  • Add Vents
  • Add Windows
  • Add a Radio
  • Add an A/C
  • Add an Awning
  • Add Interior Lights
  • Add Exterior Lights
  • Add a Generator
  • AND MORE!!!

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Has your trailer been sitting awhile? Are you going on a long trip? Do you just want to make sure your trailer is road worthy? We can help! Set up a Truck’n America Trailer Inspection Today!

Some of the Areas/Items we will check;

Trailer Coupler

  • Verify Proper Operation
  • Visually Inspect Welds

Trailer Jacks

  • Verify all jacks operate properly
  • Inspect jack mounting points

Trailer Exterior

  • Check for missing, loose or stripped out fasteners
  • Inspect roof sealant and trim
  • Inspect Roof Cap for cracks (if applicable)

Trailer Doors and Vents

  • Check all doors/gates and vents operate properly
  • Check all door seals for tears, cracking and for potential problems

Trailer Brakes

  • Test trailer breakaway system. Check switch, battery and charger (if applicable) and ensure proper function
  • Check brake wire for any damage

Trailer Wheels and Tires

  • Verify wheel nuts/lugs are torqued to spec
  • Inspect wheels / rims for any damage
  • Inspect Tires for any potential issues
  • Check that tires are at proper tire pressure

Trailer Safety Chains

  • Visually Inspect Welds
  • Verify chain is free from damage and hooks function properly

Trailer Welds

  • Inspect accessible welds on trailer tongue
  • Inspect accessible welds on trailer chassis
  • Inspect accessible wall and roof welds

Trailer Interior

  • Inspect interior walls and floors for potential leaks / problem areas
  • Check for missing, loose or stripped out wall / floor screws
  • Inspect all tie-down points and ensure they are free of defect and are securely fastened

Trailer Wiring and Electrical

  • Inspect trailer plug and harness for any damage
  • Check Turn Signals, Clearance Lights and Brake Lights for proper operation
  • Check interior/auxiliary lights and switches

Trailer Wheel Bearings

  • Check wheel rotation to ensure proper function
  • Check for excessive wheel play
  • Check wheel hub grease for any debris

Trailer Axles

  • Visually inspect entire trailer suspension and look for signs of abnormal wear
  • Visually inspect all suspension welds and mounting points

Did you know?

Did you know, our Truck’n America Trailer Annual Inspection is FREE to all customers who bought a new trailer from us? For LIFE*! Schedule your Annual Inspection Today! CONTACT US

Did you know, we can PRE-INSPECT your trailer before your VA State Inspection? While we are not a certified VA State Inspection facility, we do know what in involved and what it takes to pass your inspection. We can make sure you can go into your VA State Trailer Inspection hassle free. Oh yeah, did we mention it is FREE of charge if you bought your trailer from us? Schedule your trailer’s PRE-Inspection today! CONTACT US

Did you know, we will inspect your trailer even if you didn’t buy from us? Not for free of course, but we will still be happy to help! Schedule your Inspection Today! CONTACT US

Did you know, we will even inspect a used trailer you may be considering buying from a private party. While we strongly encourage you to buy from us, we know there are “deals” that are to good to pass up. Make sure it is a good deal and that you are not buying a “Lemon” Schedule your Inspection Today! CONTACT US

ALL Trailer Inspections are by appointment ONLY. A Truck’n America Trailer Inspection will typically take up to 3 Business Days once it has been dropped off.

Avoid costly downtime, delays and headaches with a Truck’n America Trailer Inspection Schedule Today! CONTACT US

*** Truck’n America Trailer Inspections are NOT State Inspections ***


Planned Trailer Maintenance helps protect you from the expense and stress of catastrophic failures, while letting you avoid waste-disposal hassles so you can focus on your job. Our trailer maintenance service will always begin with one of our standard Truck’n America Trailer Inspections. Once the inspection is completed our trailer specialist will fix/repair and maintain any areas that need to be addressed. This maintenance strategy is aimed at extending your trailer’s life, increasing productivity, and lowering your daily operating costs.

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