Meyer Drive Pro – Half-ton / 150 / 1500 Light Duty Snow Plow – 5′, 6′, 6′.8

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Meyer Drive Pro – Half-ton / 150 / 1500 Light Duty Snow Plow – 5′, 6′, 6′.8″, 7′.6″ – Steel

Drive Pro Plow

Take charge of clearing snow from tight spots like narrow driveways and alleys. The Meyer Drive Pro is an easy-to-use, fully functional steel snow plow operated from the comfort of your SUV or light-duty pickup. Great for the jobs that larger trucks just can’t get to.

20% Lighter and Strong As Ever

To maximize fuel economy while reducing carbon emissions, manufacturers of 1/2-ton pick-ups are making pick-ups lighter and lighter.  To complement this trend, Meyer has developed the industry’s first commercial snow plow made of lightweight, high-strength steel. 

The Meyer Drive Pro is now available in two different grades of steel:  traditional and lightweight, high-strength.  Both offer great performance features.  The lightweight, high-strength steel models (part #41189 for 1/2-ton picksup and part #41130 for SUVs) have also been redesigned to offer industry-leading ground clearance of up to nine inches.  Known as the Standard Operating System, not only will you get better gas mileage, the plow will also be less prone to bottoming out while in carry mode.



Plowing driveways in a full size pickup can be a challenge, that’s why the Drive Pro is engineered to be a lightweight, commercial-grade plow designed to provide optimal maneuverability in tight residential settings. The Drive Pro attaches or detaches in well under a minute with the pull of one handle; and once attached, you don’t need to leave the vehicle to angle the plow.

Dura-Slick Paint with Teflon®

All Meyer carbon steel moldboards are painted with Meyer Dura-Slick™ Paint. This automotive-style paint with Teflon® is baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action. It’s the reason why Meyer plows throw snow farther and move it faster than the competition.

Dura-Slick Paint with Teflon

Feild Adjustable Trip Springs

While out plowing, contractors often need to make adjustments to their plow, and they dont want to go back to the shop to do it. That is why Meyer makes their plows with field adjustable trip springs. This allows more time to plow and less time back at the shop.


In the snow plowing business, downtime is not an option. That’s why the Meyer Drive Pro is built using Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC)… the detailed things we do to make our plows more rugged and reliable. ROC is the result of manufacturing improvements and state-of-the-art technology combined with stringent quality control procedures.

Slot and Tab Construction

Meyer couldn’t offer the industry’s best warranty on our plows if we didn’t build them using slot and tab construction. This method of construction makes for a stronger, more precise fitting plow. Laser cut steel components are assembled using robotic welders that never tire and never make a mistake. It’s why every plow comes off the line ready to provide years of trouble-free service.

Slot and Tab Construction

Continuously Welded Ribs

Meyer plows are continuously welded on the outside ribs. This Meyer exclusive not only gives our plows a more rugged look, but more importantly, it increases their strength and performance so they can handle anything Mother Nature sends their way.

Pre-drilled Deflector Holes

Meyer Drive Pro moldboards are manufactured with pre-drilled holes which make it easy to add a snow deflector. This means you save time when adding this important safety feature that keeps snow from impairing your view through the windshield. Since they are pre-drilled at the factory, the holes are sealed with Dura-Slick paint to help prevent rust.

Pre-drilled Deflector Holes

5-Year America’s Best Warranty

Meyer is proud to offer a full five-year warranty on complete plow systems with an online registration.  The competition can’t beat that.

5 Year Warrenty

Ease of Use

Choice of Two Operating Systems That Make Your Job Easier

Meyer is pleased to offer two operating systems: The all-new Standard Operating System™ and the EZ-Mount Plus™ system. The Standard Operating System* has been designed to provide industry-leading ground clearance and is equipped with an adjustable drop speed and Nite Saber III dual-halogen lights. The EZ-Mount Plus system offers premium features such as self-diagnostics and hands-free plowing. Both conveniently attach or detach in under a minute and leave the vehicle with an off-the-assembly line appearance when not attached.

*Only the all-new redesigned lightweight, high-strength 6’8” Drive Pro is available with the Standard Operating System.

Ease of Use


Industry-Leading Ground Clearance

The Standard Operating System offers up to 9” of ground clearance for improved stacking and transport height. You’ll carry your plow high and be less prone to bottoming out.

Durable And Reliable System Featuring Nite Saber III Lights

The Standard Operating System’s lift frame and light bar offer greater rigidity and stability. Plus the tubular-steel a-frame offers greater durability. The Standard Operating System features Nite Saber III lights which are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration. They also feature weathertight three seal plugs, easy-to-replace dual halogen bulbs, wrap-around turn signals and an internal bracket for durability.

Encased Power Unit With Adjustable Drop Speed

The Standard Operating System has a streamlined appearance with an encased power unit and patented cable management system for reliable service. It also features an adjustable drop speed for varying plowing conditions and preferences.

Easy-To-Use Controller

The Standard Operating System is controlled using an easy-to-use touch pad controller featuring a high-beam indicator light. Move the plow up, down, left, right quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

EZ-Mount Plus System

Hands-Free Plowing – A Meyer Exclusive

Meyer knows controller preferences vary by driver, that’s why we offer two options for Meyer V plows:  EZ-1 deluxe pistol grip or joystick.  Both controllers feature diagnostics and a Hands-Free Plowing (HFP) mode. When activated, HFP uses the shift lever to control the up/down movement of the blade. The EZ-1 pistol grip controller also features double-click technology.  Simply double-click a button, and the moldboard will automatically move in that direction without having to keep your finger on the button.
Hands-Free Plowing

One-Piece Plug (Patented)

Unlike competitors who have up to three plugs, the Meyer EZ-Mount Plus system comes with a one-piece patented plug to connect/disconnect the plow from the vehicle. No more fumbling in the middle of the night trying to figure out which plug goes where. The one-piece plug gets you back in the cab faster and easier.
One-Piece Plug

System Diagnostics

When you’re out plowing, issues arise. Meyer makes it easy to get you back on the road using our system diagnostics found on the back of our pistol grip controllers. Just match the controller’s flashing light sequence with the chart on the back of the controller to isolate the issue. Not only does this reduce your downtime, it gets you back doing what you do best – plowing snow.
System Diagnostics

Reliable and Responsive Operation

The driving force behind every Meyer snow plow is a reliable and responsive hydraulic system. The EZ-mount plus triple-layered sealed coils and connectors virtually eliminate corrosion and moisture often found in electrical and mechanical systems. And unlike competitive systems, all Meyer hydraulic systems ship standard with custom-molded covers to help protect the units from road salt and grime.
Reliable and Responsive Operation



Get to know the Drive Pro Homeowner plow.

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Full-trip

  • Vehicle: Full-size SUVs, light-duty pickups, half-ton pickups

  • Construction: Steel

  • Drive Pro 5′

    Blade Model #:Drive Pro 5′ Blade Type: Moldboard Length:5′ Moldboard Height:22.5″
    Moldboard Gauge:14 ga Vertical Ribs:6 Plow Trip Springs:2 Cutting Edge:1/4″ x 6″
    Avg Width at Full Angle:54″ Angling Rams:1-1/2 x 10″ Weight Complete:315
  • Drive Pro 6′

    Blade Model #:Drive Pro 6′ Blade Type: Moldboard Length:6′ Moldboard Height:22.5″
    Moldboard Gauge:14 Vertical Ribs:6 Plow Trip Springs:2 Cutting Edge:1/4″ x 6″
    Avg Width at Full Angle:65″ Angling Rams:1-1/2″ x 10″ Weight Complete:350
  • DP 6.8 Std Operating System

    Blade Model #:DP 6.8 Std Operating System Blade Type: Moldboard Length:6′ 8″ Moldboard Height:22″
    Moldboard Gauge:14 Vertical Ribs:8 Plow Trip Springs:2 Cutting Edge:3/8″ x 6″
    Avg Width at Full Angle:72″ Angling Rams:1-1/2″ x 10″ Weight Complete:365
  • Drive Pro 6′ 8″

    Blade Model #:Drive Pro 6′ 8″ Blade Type: Moldboard Length:6′ 8″ Moldboard Height:22.5″
    Moldboard Gauge:14 Vertical Ribs:6 Plow Trip Springs:2 Cutting Edge:1/4″ x 6″
    Avg Width at Full Angle:72″ Angling Rams:1-1/2″ x 10″ Weight Complete:375
  • Drive Pro 7′ 6″ Single Pull

    Blade Model #:Drive Pro 7′ 6″ Single Pull Blade Type: Moldboard Length:7′ 6″ Moldboard Height:26″
    Moldboard Gauge:14 Vertical Ribs:6 Plow Trip Springs:2 Cutting Edge:3/8″ x 6″
    Avg Width at Full Angle:81″ Angling Rams:1-1/2″ x 10″ Weight Complete:440


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