DEE ZEE HARDware GULL WING Crossover Tool Box

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Brand: DeeZee


Protect Your Tools, Protect Your Investment.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting the tools you need. When a simple hammer can cost as much as a night on the town, you can easily sink a small fortune in acquiring a complete set of tools. Now that you’ve got them, you know you’re not going to just leave them tucked away safely in your garage- you’ve got work to do and you need to take your tools with you.

The Dee Zee Hardware Series Double lid (Gull Wing) Crossover box is the perfect solution for those people looking for a solid, well constructed tool box at a great value.

Constructed of heavy duty 20-gauge steel protected by wrinkle white NRT™ (No Rust Technology) rust inhibitor powder coat finish, you get a rugged toolbox that’s going to last.

A crown style lid with a full pan double-V stiffener offers superior rigidity so you don’t have to baby this box.

Easy access to the tools you need

Gull Wing boxes offer easier access to your tools from the side of your truck bed than standard lid boxes. Our Gull Wing box goes a step further than many of our competitors by offering dampened gas shocks and self-adjusting strikers to ensure easy lid operation- even under the most demanding conditions.

We strive to build our high-quality tool boxes with security and ease of use in mind. That’s why we also include lockable stainless steel paddle handles to keep your investment safe and secure. A removeably plastic tray is perfect for seperating those smaller items from your larger tools and prevents wasting time digging throught the bottom of the box looking for that lost screw or other small parts.


The Dee Zee Hardware Series Double Lid (Gull Wing) Crossover Box Features:

  • Lockable stainless steel paddle handles
  • Dampened gas shocks, closed cell foam gasket, and self-adjusting strikers.
  • Removable plastic tool tray to help keep small items organized.
  • 20-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Texture White Powder Coat Finish
  • NRT™ Powder Coat Is A Specially Designed To Increase Corrosion Protection
  • Lockable Stainless Steel Paddle Handle Latches
  • Double V-Pan Lid Stiffener Creates Strength and Rigidity
  • Internal Bends Add Superior Body Strength
  • Closed Cell Foam Gasket Helps Resist The Elements From Getting Inside The Box
  • Dampened Gas Shocks Open At A Steady, Controlled Rate
  • Removable Plastic Tool Tray To Keep Smaller Items Organized
  • Made In USA
  • Three-Year Warranty


Dee Zee products are eligible for return within 30-days from receipt. Items must be returned in new condition with all original packaging, literature, hardware, and parts. Customers are responsible for related shipping costs and subject to a restocking fee. Click to review our full returns policy.

Dee Zee, Inc. guarantees the original purchaser a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects in materials, workmanship, and design under normal use, excluding damage resulting from road hazards such as gravel or other debris, product misuse, improper installation, impairments from accidents, product modifications, improper repairs, spills, vandalism, product neglect, or acts of God.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of new product(s) and is limited to the replacement of genuine Dee Zee products. Modification of any kind to Dee Zee products voids all warranty coverage. Warranty does not include electrical components, installation, cost of removal, labor, transportation costs, loss of use, inconvenience, or consequential damages.



  • STAINLESS STEEL:   Side Steps, Grill Guards, Bull Bars, Bed Caps, and Side Rails
  • ALUMINUM:   Side Steps, Running Boards, Storage Boxes, Transfer Tanks, Bed Protection, Invis-A-Racks, Cab Racks, and Side Rails
  • PLASTIC:   Storage Boxes
  • OTHER:   Front and Rear Bumpers


  • POWDER-COATED / E-COATED STEEL:   Side Steps, Running Boards, Storage Boxes, Transfer Tanks, Cab Racks, Ladder Racks, Sport Bar, Cargo Carriers, Mounting Brackets (NX, Rough Step, and Bumper Guards only)
  • OTHER:   Tailgate Assist, Bed Mats, Floor Mats, Auxiliary Fuel Connection Kits, and All Products Not Otherwise Listed Individually


Operational items such as shocks, latches, hinges, and wear items including, but not limited to, mud flaps, step pads, end caps, hardware, seals, etc. have a one-year (1) warranty. Replacement component parts can be ordered via credit card (MasterCard or VISA) by calling 1-800-779-2102. All replacement parts are non-returnable and non-refundable.


The finish of all Dee Zee products is covered for one-year (1) from the date of purchase. Dee Zee products have a high quality finish that must be cared for and maintained like any other exposed finish on the vehicle. Protect the finish with non-abrasive automotive wax (e.g. Pure Carnauba) on a regular basis. Applying soaps, polishes, or waxes that contain an abrasive compound may scratch the finish and leave the exposed material susceptible to corrosion.


Operational items such as shocks, latches, hinges, and wear items including, but not limited to, mud flaps, step pads, end caps, hardware, tool box trays, seals, etc. have a one-year (1) warranty. Replacement component parts can be ordered via credit card (MasterCard or VISA) by calling 1-800-779-2102. All replacement parts are non-returnable and non-refundable.


All Great Plains Industries (GPI) products, including transfer tank pumps and fuel meters are covered by GPI’s warranty policies. Dee Zee’s warranty terms do not apply to GPI products. To submit a warranty claim, please contact GPI at 1-800-835-0113 or visit


All warranty claims will be initiated at the place of purchase. The original purchaser will be required to present the original sales receipt with purchase date shown and provide photographs of the defect.

In the event the originally purchased product style is no longer available, Dee Zee will warranty the defective part with a current equivalent. If a comparable product is no longer available, the product would be returned to the store of purchase for a refund or the applicable cost difference can be paid to choose an alternate style.


All products are sold as appearance accessories and should not be relied upon as protection for the vehicle or its occupants in the event of an accident. Vehicles equipped with a supplemental restraints system (air bags) deployed by impact and collision avoidance systems should not be modified in any way. Always consult the vehicle manufacturer if you have any questions regarding supplemental restraint systems and sensors.

Buyer must accommodate front and rear sensors during product installation and assumes all risk should these be tampered, rerouted, severed, or disconnected. This includes disabling visual, audio, or vibration alerts into the cab. Buyer assumes all risk and responsibility for wiring any supplemental auxiliary lights.

Buyer assumes all risk, liability, and cost for the installation and use of Dee Zee products. Dee Zee, Inc. assumes no liability for injury, loss, incidental or consequential damages in the event of an accident.

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