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Our Pro Surveyor Pack™ is like having a command center on the job. Lay out the prints on the Truckslide™, make a plan of attack, grab the tools, go to work. Here’s a thought: If you could get one more job done per week, that’s 52 more jobs a year. Your bottom line would soar. How? The overhead is paid for so that job is almost pure profit. How do you do it? One way is organization.

Our Pro Surveyor Pack™ comes with two lockable low-side boxes with dual lower rebar boxes, either a flat or dome center hatch, and our exclusive Truckslide™ loaded with our Hatchback Organizer for optimal space saving and organizational structure. Like with everything else we manufacture, we build these powerhouse Pro Surveyor Packs™ with the same tough materials that take 500,000 miles of abuse. Our Pro Surveyor Pack™ is built with 1/8th inch marine grade aluminum, which is standard on everything but the 1/16th inch trays.

Optional features include head rack, ladder rack, additional storage trays, and a gullwing tool box with additional transfer tank and powder coating.


Pro Surveyor Pickup Pack™ Features & Options

  • Need more room to hold smaller tools, drill bits, pipe fittings or knives? Don

    Additional Tool Box Tray

    Need more room to hold smaller tools, drill bits, pipe fittings or knives? Don’t want to reach down for in the bottom of your toolbox for them? Get an extra toolbox tray you can take out of the box and carry on-site.

  • Half the Weight of Steel

    Half The Weight Of Steel

    Aluminum is half the weight of steel; allowing a heavier load which gives better fuel economy while carrying additional cargo.

  • Alcoa Aluminum

    Alcoa Aluminum

    Highway Products proudly uses premium Alcoa aluminum to build the highest-quality American-made metal products available.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty

    All Of Our Standard Products Come With A Lifetime Warranty Against Defects In Workmanship. Your Warranty Includes Locking Mechanisms, Hinges, Gas Props, Weatherstripping, And Any Other Materials We Use.

Popular Options

Highway Products stlye options: Silverback

Silverback Style Option

Our smooth aluminum finish makes quick work of sliding equipment in and sweeping debris out. Aluminum only requires minimal polishing to keep it looking like brand new.

Highway Products stlye options: Flat Black

Flat Black Style Option

Powder coated Flat Black The flat black finish is a handsome finishing touch, highly respected, and is always a regular choice among lots of semi and pickup truck drivers.

Highway Products stlye options: Black and Silver

Black & Silver Style Option

The new black and silver edition is a popular style. The finish adds a luxurious touch to your vehicle.

Highway Products stlye options: Gladiator Style

Gladiator Style Option

The Gladiator is the newest edition to our arsenal. It offers a baked on powder coated finish with a smooth body and unique dimpled lids.

Highway Products stlye options: Leopard Style

Leopard Style Option

The Leopard edition features our trademark (powder coated and shaved) diamond plate finish. Unsurpassed in looks, this finish will turn heads and attract followers with questions. Be prepared!

Highway Products stlye options: Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate Style Option

Diamond plate, also known as checker plate or tread plate, is a regular pattern of raised diamonds on one side which combines the looks of toughness and durability. Sharp and Clean!

Custom Colors Style Option

Please call us to discuss exactly what you have in mind. We cater for any customized fabrication you need, just drop us a line and ask for our sales manager and explain in detail your ideas and dreams; we’ll make it a reality.


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