BRUNO Back-Saver AWL-1600 – Light Duty Exterior Scooter & Powerchair Lift & Carrier

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Brand: Bruno Independent Living Aids


BRUNO Back-Saver AWL-1600 – Light Duty Exterior Scooter & Powerchair Lift & Carrier

Model AWL-1600

Lift and stow a folding manual wheelchair with Bruno’s Back-Saver. Roll a wheelchair on the platform, touch the button, and the wheelchair will be raised into place and automatically secured for travel. Designed to handle 16- and 22-inch wide folding manual wheelchairs with minimum 22-inch or wider wheels.

Made in the USA

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Power up/down platform

Self-locking securement

Manual backup for peace of mind

Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle

Eligible for auto manufacturer potential rebates

All sales, installation and service provided by factory-authorized Bruno Dealer


User Requirements

Walk from front to rear of vehicle and vice versa

Stand for two to three minutes

Fold and unfold wheelchair

Roll wheelchair on/off platform

Turn key and hold down button



Lifting capacity: 100 lb/45 kg

Maximum wheelchair width (folded): 14 in/35 cm

Vehicle compatibility: Go to MobilityMatcher

Installed weight w/o Swing-Away: 50 lb/23 kg

Installed weight w/Swing-Away: 87 lb/39 kg

Hitch height: 9 in/23 cm to 18 in/46 cm

Overall height: 43 in/109 cm

Hitch type: Class I, II, III (receiver hitch required)

3-year limited warranty

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Allows easy access to the hatch, trunk or tailgate.


License Plate Holder

Required in some states



Vinyl Cover

All-weather mobility device protection


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