SURE GRIP RFMAX – Driving Controls / Secondary Controls

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Brand: Sure Grip


SURE GRIP RFMAX – Driving Controls / Secondary Controls


No longer do you have to settle on adapting to the current products on the market. Let the products adapt to you!

The RFMax Wireless spinner knob allows for a fully customized switch layout to meet your driving needs. Utilizing over 6 different buttons and switches, with a multitude of layouts, the RFMax is the latest in driving customization.


– Utilizes the Sure Grip Sure Switch relay box to ensure quick installation on any vehicle.

– Supported by the world renowned Spinmaster steering wheel clamp, known for providing superior durability and gripping strength without damaging your steering wheel.

– Features a quick release, which allows the removal of the spinner knob by the press of a button.

– 2 year battery life.

– Custom switch locations to meet all driving needs.



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