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BEDSLIDE 1000 Classic Cargo Bed Slide

There are times when life requires you to go the extra mile. So we’ve gone to great lengths to bring out the best – with BEDSLIDE, the easiest way to load and unload your truck. Choose a 3/4 or full-extension all-weather deck. Create a custom cargo management track and rail system. Carry up to 2,000 Pounds of gear and supplies – that’s a ton of fun.

HEIGHT: 4 1/2 inches from truck bed to deck.

BEARINGS: (2) 3282lb static rated Cam Follower bearings on load bearing end with (2) ball sealed roller bearings for guides.

LOCKING: locking positions every 10-12 inches with locks closed and fully opened.

INSTALLATION: 1 hour. It’s recommended to have a dealer install. Install over bedliners is not recommended as adjustments may need to be made and bedliners vary. For aluminum beds use part HALUMKT. Improper installation can lead to corrosion.

GUARDRAIL KIT: 3 sizes. BSA-GRK80 for 95″ length. BSA-GRK60 for 79″ – 70″ length. BSA-GRK50 for 65″





1000lbs CAPACITY (evenly distributed)


QUICKPINS: Headboard Pin install and riv nuts

HEADRAIL: to secure cargo, side Guardrails can be added

WEATHERDECK our exclusive composite light weight decking is durable in all elements

32” WIDE GRAB BAR for easy access from either side

MULTIPLE LOCKING POSITIONS for safety & convenience

BEDTRAX WITH D-RING TIE-DOWNS for cargo management


LIFETIME WARRANTY Available with registration. 5 year standard



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