Clearance Truck Caps & Tonneaus

In the course of doing everyday business, we have acquired a number of Truck Caps and Lids. Some are new, Some are used, Some are old, Some are damaged, etc…

Our Used / Clearance Truck Cap and Tonneau inventory changes daily. Please Contact Us for availability or if you do not see what you are looking for;

TNA Lot Key – FR = Fredericksburg, VA / LA = Laurel, MD / LE = Purcellville, VA / WA = Waldorf, MD / WE = Finksburg, MD / OC = Ocean City, MD

Truck or DescriptionColorVendor & ModelLotPriceRemarksStock #POS Item IDSerail #
???WhiteCentury DCUFRCALL FOR PRICEFull Door No Boxes tna-specialcap2187658
Chevy SB 99-0641 BlackCentury UltraFRCALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialcap2631310
Chevy SB 99-07WhiteAlum DB BubbleFRCALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialcap614171
Dodge Ram SB 09+BlackCentury UltraFRCALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialcap1489050
F150 6.5 09-CRedCentury RoyalFRCALL FOR PRICESingle Locks tna-specialcap1718190

F150 SB 09-14
Dk RedCentury Ultra SportFRCALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialcap1889728
Ford F250 LB 99-16BlackLeer 100XLFRCALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialcap602331
Ford LB 99-09WhiteCentury DCUFRCALL FOR PRICEDamaged Front?tna-specialcap2187658
Chevy LB 88-99RedSportLACALL FOR PRICE la0hg0tw1tna-specialcap?
Chevy 99-06BlackJeraco HighriseLACALL FOR PRICE la2nb5te0tna-specialcap?
Chevy CC 6.5 07-13GreyLeer XQLACALL FOR PRICE la0gf5te1tna-specialcap2085109
Dodge LB 09-16GreyCenturyLACALL FOR PRICE la5bvc7wa2tna-specialcap2332701
Tacoma 6 94-033P1 RedARELACALL FOR PRICE la0fd5va2tna-specialcapN2866577
Titan KC 6.5RedCover MasterLACALL FOR PRICEUsedla0gf5ew2tna-specialcap186028
Tacoma 5 05-14GreyLeer Cargo CoverLACALL FOR PRICE la5fd7tna-specialtonneau2120555
Chevy 1500 CC 5.5 04-06BlackTrav A Lite Alum Cap LECALL FOR PRICEToolboxes Hail Damagedle5hg5ws8tna-specialcap5112017
Chevy 6.5 07+50 WhiteCentury 100RLECALL FOR PRICENew Tracker 2 Rack Carpet Front Sliderle69jh1cx1wq1tna-specialcap2094008
Ford SD 6.5 09- W/Tailgate StepRedSafari Cab HiLECALL FOR PRICEUsed Side Doorsle0ds0ea2tna-specialcap65067
Ford SD LB 09-16YZ WhiteLeer 100XQLECALL FOR PRICEExcellent Conditionle0hg0sd3tna-specialcap2301199
Tundra CM 5.5 07-13BlackARE Cab HighLECALL FOR PRICERoof Tracks Carpit Good Shapele0gf0wa3tna-specialcapN3219519
F150 SC 01-03AQ BeigeCovermaster EdgeLECALL FOR PRICE le0hs0bv0tna-specialtonneau204723
Tacoma Crew Xtr Short 01-044P7 BeigeCovermaster EdgeLECALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialtonneau1755849
Chevy SB 88-0643 GreenJeraco HighriseWACALL FOR PRICEUsedwa5vd7tna-specialcap2104624
Colorado 6.050 WhiteLeer 100XLWACALL FOR PRICE wa-0gf4mn2tr1tna-specialcap2246856
Dodge SB 13SilverLeer 122WACALL FOR PRICEAwsome Cap Great Price Lg Bay 12V Power Blockwa0hg5we1tna-specialcap2389759
F Series LB 87-96BM TanLeer 122WACALL FOR PRICEnewwa5jh1re1nv1tna-specialcap1/23/2015
F150 5 Crew 09-14SZLeer 100XQWACALL FOR PRICENew Showroomwa0bv3re3xz1tna-specialcap1942594
F150 LB 04-08Black ??Leer DCCWACALL FOR PRICE wa0hg0rw1tna-specialcap1268402
F150 SB 04-09YZ WhiteLeer 100RCCWACALL FOR PRICEside doors tna-specialcap2175617
F150 SB 08-13WhiteLeer DCCWACALL FOR PRICENew Full Rear Door W/Glass Front Slider Ladder Rack 36in Tool Box Both Sides 66in Side Doorswa6f9e6n1tna-specialcap2105381
F150 SB 09-CLQ BeigeLeer 100RWACALL FOR PRICE wa7hg1bc9tna-specialcap2305609

F250/350 LB 99-07
JM RedLeer 122WACALL FOR PRICEUsed tna-specialcap2067625
F250/350 SB 99-13BlackLeer 100XQWACALL FOR PRICENewwa5bv1ew4xz1tna-specialcap2213125
Ford SD LB 99-13LDLeer 100XQWACALL FOR PRICENewwa5hg6ew3xz1tna-specialcap2042761
Ram 02-06 LBPDMCenturyWACALL FOR PRICENew Old Stockwa9f8w3c1tna-specialcap2125649
Silverado 6.5 07+GGU CaharcoalLeer 100XQWACALL FOR PRICENewwa1jh0ws3cz1tna-specialcap2084724
Silverado Classic LB 00-07WhiteTra-A-Lite TL1WACALL FOR PRICEused 56in side doors tna-specialcap269021
Silverado LB 07-12PurpleishRanch Cab HighWACALL FOR PRICE wa0gf5eq1tna-specialcap*08061722
Silverado SB 07-CWhiteLeer 100RWACALL FOR PRICENewwa1gf8wq8tna-specialcap2094014
Tundra 6.0 EC 07-131D6 SilverLeer 100XQWACALL FOR PRICENewwa8fd2ew3sa1tna-specialcap2120555
Dakota CrewPVGLeer 550RWACALL FOR PRICENewwa5hg6re5tna-specialtonneau1857828
F150 S Crew 5′HSCentury LidWACALL FOR PRICEused tna-specialtonneau1995403
F150 SB 09-13BlackLeer 700WACALL FOR PRICENewwa5hg2wq7tna-specialtonneauE24804
F150 SC 01-04GreenCover Master Edge IIWACALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialtonneau2289267
F250/350 SB 99-13DX BlueLeer 700WACALL FOR PRICEUsed tna-specialtonneau1750135
Ford SC 01-04GreenCentury Cargo CoverWACALL FOR PRICE  tna-specialtonneau2039519
Ram 5.0 09-13PKLLeer 550 LidWACALL FOR PRICENew Old Stock tna-specialtonneau2429520
Silverado 6ft 1450 WhiteLeer 700FSSBWACALL FOR PRICETNA Truckwa0gf7eq6tna-specialtonneau2386514
Silverado 5ft 1474 RedLeer 700FSXSWACALL FOR PRICENewwa4bf5wy6tna-specialtonneauE47747
Tacoma SB EC 05-138P4Century EvolutionWACALL FOR PRICE Oldtna-specialtonneau1801454
Tundra 6.0 063Q3Century Cargo CoverWACALL FOR PRICENew Old Bad Paint tna-specialtonneau 
Full Size SBBlackTrav-a-Lite Lite DutyWECALL FOR PRICESide Doors Racks?tna-specialcap6666
???BlackTrav A Lite Alum Cap DCUWECALL FOR PRICEDoors & Tool Boxes?tna-specialcap253128
??? LBBlueJeracoWECALL FOR PRICEMissing Side or Front windows?tna-specialcap93938
? ARE ImpulseWECALL FOR PRICENo Glass In Side?tna-specialcap240240
Chevy 6ft 99-06PuterJeraco SupremeWECALL FOR PRICERails Clothes Hangerwe0jh0rd0tna-specialcap2311737
Chevy 6ft 07-13WhiteLeer 100RCCWECALL FOR PRICENew Bins Rack Ran Over?tna-specialcap2039197
Chevy LB 90-98CamoLeer 180 Old SchoolWECALL FOR PRICEFSWwe0gf0wa1tna-specialcap1801998
Chevy SB 99-06BlackJeraco CHDWECALL FOR PRICESAD Tackwe5gf7yt1tna-specialcap2516787
Chevy LB 88-06Grey FadeRanch Cab HighWECALL FOR PRICEFSWwe0hg0ew1tna-specialcap4040715
Chevy SB 88-98RedLeer 100XLWECALL FOR PRICEDoor Hing Broke?tna-specialcap*00157815
? ChevyGreyLeer Cab HiWECALL FOR PRICEFSW?tna-specialcap1939980
Chevy 6ft 99-06PewterLeer 100RWECALL FOR PRICE ?tna-specialcap1933779
Chevy 6ft 07-13WhiteLeer 100RWECALL FOR PRICE we0hg5ea2tna-specialcap2641233
Chevy 6ft 99-06PewterLeer 100XQWECALL FOR PRICEClear Peeling on roofwe0nb5ws3tna-specialcap919408
Full Size SBSilverAlum NSWWECALL FOR PRICE we0jh0ed0tna-specialcap262574
Dodge 6ft 02-08BurgMidriseWECALL FOR PRICEneeds door & sid windowwe0gf0ws0tna-specialcap2740753
Dakota 6ft 97-04BlueLeer 100RWECALL FOR PRICE we0fr0ws1tna-specialcap2528499
Dakota 5ft 05-11BlueLeer 180WECALL FOR PRICE we0bh0rf2tna-specialcap2408839
Dakota LBBlackJeraco HiriseWECALL FOR PRICEFSW 4Ports tna-specialcap*01047
Dakota LBBlackTrav-a-Lite Lite DutyWECALL FOR PRICEBubbles?tna-specialcap6668
Ford F250 SB 99-15TanARE HiriseWECALL FOR PRICERackswe-0hg0sd0tna-specialcap49150921
Ford F150 6ft 04-08TanLeer 100RWECALL FOR PRICENSW Rackwe0gf5wa2tna-specialcap629
Ford F150 LB 97-03RedRanch Cab HighWECALL FOR PRICECarpitwe0fd5wq6tna-specialcap5081837
F150 SB 09-13BlackLeer 122WECALL FOR PRICEFiberglass Crackedwe0fd4ye0qa1tna-specialcap2290363
F150 SB 09-13BlueLeer 180WECALL FOR PRICENew Wilderness Pkg Thule Rack Fiberglass Damaged Rear Driver Cornerwe4hg0sa4nb1tna-specialcap2038985
Ford 5.5 04-08GreyLeerWECALL FOR PRICEusedwe0gf0re2tna-specialcap362112
F150 LB 80-96WhiteLeer C13WECALL FOR PRICENSW Rack Newwa0hg6vs6tna-specialcap250227
F150 SB 97-07TanJeraco MidriseWECALL FOR PRICENFWwe0gf0ew1tna-specialcap93996
F150 SB 80-96GreenHiriseWECALL FOR PRICEFSW Lightswe0gv0ws0tna-specialcap87173
F150 LB 04-08RedJeraco MidriseWECALL FOR PRICEFSW?tna-specialcap2107550
F150 5ft 09-14WhiteLeer 100XRWECALL FOR PRICEWindoors Carpit FS WE34995 tna-specialcap2175368
F150 6ft 04-08RedCentury UltraWECALL FOR PRICE we0hg0ed1tna-specialcap1951371
Ford SD LB 99-15BlackCentury Cab HiWECALL FOR PRICEFSW Carpit Peeling?tna-specialcap28939
Ford SD LB 99-16BlackLeer 122WECALL FOR PRICEStep W/Crack?tna-specialcap2540977
Ford SD LB 99-15BurgRanch Cab HighWECALL FOR PRICEFSW?tna-specialcap2524706
Ford SD SB 99-16BlueLeer 100RWECALL FOR PRICEwe33321we0bv0rw3tna-specialcap40701
Ford SD SB 99-16GreyAREWECALL FOR PRICEWE35000we0tr0ca2tna-specialcapN1355248
Ford 02 FlareBlackTrav-a-Lite Lite DutyWECALL FOR PRICENo Handle Side Sliders No Front?tna-specialcap6667
Isuzu LB 87BlueSportsman MidWECALL FOR PRICEFaded?tna-specialcap463
Mazda LB 96GreenUSA SportWECALL FOR PRICEFSWwe0hg0ew0tna-specialcap27096
Nissan 5.0 2013White?WECALL FOR PRICEUsed Headlinerwe0bv5te1tna-specialcap1214
Nissan Frontier 6ft 13+BlackLeer AlumWECALL FOR PRICEnewwe7jh2ws7tna-specialcap2642858
Ram Crew SBPXRLeer 100XQWECALL FOR PRICENew Old Inventorywe3hg1ws4nb1tna-specialcap2150694
S10 LB 96Red Top PicCab HiWECALL FOR PRICEFSW?tna-specialcap51555
S10 SB WhiteTrav-a-Lite Lite DutyWECALL FOR PRICESide Windows?tna-specialcap10260411
Tacoma 6ft 05-13BlackJeraco Cab HighWECALL FOR PRICEFSW Rails Onlywe0jh0rd1tna-specialcap2524012
Tacoma SB 05-13WhiteCentury DCCWECALL FOR PRICEUsed Dent pass side rearWE0fd0wa3tna-specialcap2366447
Tundra Crew Max 5ft 07-13GreyCentury RoyalWECALL FOR PRICE we0nb0tf0tna-specialcap2156694
Tundra 06 6.5GreyLeer 100XLWECALL FOR PRICECarpit WE35094we0vc0rw2tna-specialcap1766070
Titan 6.5 04-15White Top PicARE Cab HighWECALL FOR PRICEFSWwe0nb0ew1tna-specialcap9619
Tacoma 5ft 2016WhiteLeer 100RWECALL FOR PRICENew Rails Carpit FSWwe5hg1re3qa1tna-specialcap2618777
F150 SB 04-08BlueCentury Cargo CoverWECALL FOR PRICECarpit?tna-specialtonneau1944897
Dakota 5ft 01BlackLeer XQWE WACALL FOR PRICECarpitwe0gf5tna-specialcap7475

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