Rugged Cover Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

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RUGGED LINER Roll-Up “Rugged Cover” Deluxe Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The Rugged Liner roll-up tonneau cover has a powder-coated aluminum frame and support bar that is covered by a 3-ply vinyl top. This low profile cover brings a wealth of great tonneau features like weather coverage and better MPGs when the cover is closed. You can also use your entire bed if you need to take large cargo. This roll-up cover sits about half inch off of the bed rail. Another great feature of this tonneau cover is the easy, no tool canvas tensioner that sits by your tailgate and not by the bulk head like most roll-up bed covers. There is one more really cool feature to this cover and that we want to let you know about that that cover has a built in bed light.




Rails mount to inside of bed for low profile appearance

Easy installation – some tools required

Vinyl tensioner adjusts to weather conditions

Drive with the cover in the open or closed position

Sleek appearance improves gas mileage

Removable nighttime cargo light included

Front and rear seals add additional weather protection

OEM tailgate lock can provide additional security


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