SURE GRIP Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic AutoLock – Driving Controls

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Brand: Sure Grip

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SURE GRIP Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic AutoLock – Driving Controls

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Reduced Liability

Sure Grip’s new Left Foot Accelerator with electronic AutoLock was developed to limit if not eliminate your liability. By all but eliminating any chance the device can be used by anyone other than the intended user.


Sure Grip’s unique 15 second activation window only allows the accelerator to be activated for 15 seconds after vehicles start up. The accelerator will not engage after 15 seconds without a restart of the engine.


Sure Grip’s new accelerator is permanently mounted, eliminating the need for removal of the device to prevent unwanted usage. The accelerator mounts from above, and no longer requiring holes to be drilled in the floor of your clients vehicle. The OEM accelerator is manipulated via simple cable system.

Smart Design

The new Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator is constructed from rugged plastics and aluminum allowing for a light weight device. The overall unit is dramatically reduced in size versus tradition removable accelerators, all parts of the incredible smooth and sensitive pedal feel.



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