SURE GRIP Spin Master Spinner Knob – Driving Controls

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Brand: Sure Grip


SURE GRIP Spin Master Spinner Knob – Driving Controls


Available in your choice of three colors:

Black (A600)

Grey (A602)

Wood-Grain (A601)

With Spin Master’s innovative, clamshell design, one size fits all steering wheels.

Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the design will leave no permanent damage to your steering wheel.

Spin Master adds a quick-release function – remove and refit at the touch of a button!

Additional User Benefits:

– Spin Master is snugly fitted with two quality free-running ball racers

– With its super clamping jaws, the spinner knob should not move once fitted

– Due to its unique clamshell design, Spin Master provides a 3” clamping surface

– Components are made from the same material used by mining companies for heavy-duty applications

– Spin Master offers special leather grain etching to the knob section allowing it to match vehicle interiors

– Australian engineered, the Spin Master is the most revolutionary spinner knob to hit the industry




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